Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#2T Danny Jackson


So as far as I can tell, this update set has the same design as the base 1988 Score set, except for the color of the cards. These are a type of orange that didn't exist in the base set. The base set had yellow cards, as well as a sort of dark orangish-yellow (plus blue, purple, green, and red.) This color was new for the update set. I think it would have been nice if they'd chosen a color not so similar to two of the colors used in the base set.

As with the base set cards, notice that there is a subtle color change going from top to bottom of the card. The color is more saturated at the top.


Jackson faced 4 players whose last name is also Jackson. Can you guess them all? If you guessed Bo Jackson, start over. They were teammates.


It's a great debate whether Jackson deserved more consideration for the 1988 Cy Young Award than he received. Orel Hershisher won it unanimously despite both pitchers posting identical 23-8 records. True, Hershiser was better in most other statistical categories and also rung off that great scoreless inning streak.

How about each guy's neutralized 1988 stats:

Jackson: 18-10, 2.99 ERA, 1.121 WHIP
Hershiser: 19-9, 2.75 ERA, 1.188 WHIP

Hershiser was better, but not by much. I'm surprised that Jackson didn't get even 1 first-place vote.


  1. i'll guess reggie and ron as two of the jacksons.

    i think hershiser's streak at the end of the season buttoned up the cy young for him.

    i am pretty sure this is a dodger stadium photo on jackson's card, too.

  2. I guessed Reggie and Ron before clicking on the link. But didn't think of Darrin. (It says he also faced Chuck Jackson for one at-bat?)

  3. Great trade mentioned on the back. I know it's been covered before. KC really hosed the Reds in the shortstop portion of the swap.......

  4. I see something else. We may need to run a counter on stat box errors.

    I was looking at his 1984 Royals line and wondering how he had 10 complete games. Turns out he only had 1.

    2 cards....2 errors. That would be fielding percentage of .000

  5. Nice catch, Mike.

    Also you aren't going to have to wait very long to see Stillwell's card.

  6. I never knew the cards were darker at the top!

  7. Well now you know, and knowing's half the battle.




  8. I remember at a garage sale when I was 10 I bought an 89 Topps Danny Jackson All Star card for .$50 (which was a lot of coin in the day) and was soooo excited to have it. then my friend who had decided to be a total dickfor that day told me I was stupid, Danny Jackson is stupid and my card is stupid. He then pushed me down, took the card and tore it up.

    What an asshole

  9. That's some great "friend" there, Steve.