Thursday, January 29, 2009

#4T Kurt Stillwell


It seems that all of the photos show at least one body park outside the white border. Here it's Stillwell's left foot.

I like a lot of things about these cards, but one thing I don't dig too much is the hot pink used on the position banner on the card back.


Here's Stillwell's only career game with 2 triples.


I didn't know until reading the card back that Stillwell's dad was a player for the Senators. It's kind of odd that they suggest that the elder Stillwell's playing career signaled the younger Stillwell's talent. His dad had just 38 AB in the majors and hit .211, for goodness' sake!


  1. Hot pink was a required color in the '80s. Along with day-glo green and light blue. Miami Vice and Ocean Pacific and all that.

  2. I want to see a set with real day-glo borders. The kind they use on the bright orange stickers in supermarkets.