Friday, January 30, 2009

#6T Dennis Lamp


One great thing about this set is the fact that jersey numbers are included. Lamp's is 49, as mentioned on the back. I wish all baseball cards included jersey numbers. I guess in this day and age, players are far more recognizable than they used to be, and few fans identify players at games or on TV by their jersey numbers. But before TV, oftentimes fans had to go by jersey numbers.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a baseball card and wanted to know or remember the player's number, but couldn't. Thank you, 1988 Score!


Lamp has the second-most wins in a season with 0 losses since 1901.


I don't know too much about Lamp or his career but I do feel bad for the guy. He got knocked around badly in Game 1 of the 19990 ALCS and pitched to an ERA of 108.00 He didn't get into another game in that series, which if he had perhaps he could have gotten that figure down into double or even single digits.


  1. Lamp's 11-0 '85 season always struck me. I didn't realize it was that historic.

  2. Lamp was a bit of a loon when he first came up. I remember him wearing a pair of glasses with automatic wipers on them (like little windshield wipers). It was hilarious. he developed into a pretty good pitcher.

  3. I remember that ERA

    I also remember he was on the 1988 ALCS roster but Morgan didn't pitch him

    We found out why in 1990