Thursday, March 12, 2009

#103T Craig Biggio

I love Craig Biggio. I mean, I love him as a player.

Pretty quietly, he put together a fantastic career. Start that he managed to stick with one franchise for 20 seasons. And check out these career milestones: 3,000 hits, 600 doubles, nearly 300 homers, and an OPS+ of 111.

In the photo on the front, it looks like Shea Stadium to me, but the Astros appear to be wearing home uniforms. Hmm. Biggio did play 3 games at Shea in 1988.

Check out the photo on the back, however. Look in the background. There's the back, ass, and legs of a young lady. Hmm. It seems fitting, then, that the best word on the back is "eye-popping."

1 comment:

  1. Funny, I wouldn't ever use the term, "eye-popping" to describe a .314 average for a Triple-A team.