Friday, March 13, 2009

#110T Orestes Destrade

We complete this set not with a bang, but with a whimper. Destrade was a well-regarded rookie at this time but disappeared from the big leagues after 1988. Disappeared until 1993, that is, when he got a shot with the first-year Marlins and posted a 20-HR season. He fell off considerably in 1994 and that was truly it for him. Destrade had spent 3 of those intervening years (1990-1992) in Japan, where he hit 42, 39, and 41 HR while playing 130 or fewer games each year (the season in Japan is shorter than in MLB.)

I don't see any particularly interesting words on the back, so here are some anagrams for Orestes Destrade:

Retreaded tosses
Dread sore testes
Rotted deer asses


  1. I think he's now on a gig on ESPN's Baseball Tonight. I listened to him when he was a part of XM's morning baseball show with Mark Patrick and Buck Martinez. Poor Orestes was always showing up late, leading Mark Patrick to mercilessly tease him as the "Late-en-O" instead of the "Latin-O" (as a play on his first initial). He left XM abruptly, and I can't say I was sorry.

    However, Sirius has run the baseball channel on XM so far down, I think Orestes would be an upgrade on some of their announcers..... Still, just to get the baseball channel and the live feeds of every game is worth the monthly cost of my XM.

  2. Orestes is now on ESPN radio. I have a hard time listening to or watching ESPN these days, but I know I've heard Destrade on there.

  3. ugh. I got up at 5:30am last week to watch one of the WBC games... China and Korea maybe? Destrade was working with Jon Sciambi calling the game.

    It took me a few seasons to get used to Sciambi calling Braves games, but compared to Orestes, he's the best broadcaster ever.

    Actually, now that I'm used to his style, Jon Sciambi isn't half bad. He's no Skip or Pete, but he's pretty good.

  4. Ha! I remember this dude and I remember his fluke year with the '93 Marlins. Great stuff.

  5. And as someone who watched him play I can tell you the anagrams are more than fitting.

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