Thursday, March 5, 2009

#87T Bryan Harvey

Here's yet another squinter. What the hell is up with this? The photographs in this set have been uniformly excellent until the last few cards.

Most surprising word on the back? Clearly "Furniture" although I liked "downtown" too.


  1. Harvey pitched in 47 games in '87...but only 5 innings? I have to start looking at these stats more closely, that's the third error I've seen in this set.

  2. That's bizarre. It's the 5 IP that is correct. He appeared in 3 games, not 47.

  3. Here are the guys appearing in 47 games in 1987. Matt Young and Dan Quisenberry have cards in this set. I wonder if they were using the typeset from one of those cards and accidentally forgot to change the number for games in 1987.