Monday, March 2, 2009

#78T Jack Armstrong

Ladies and gentlemen, your 1990 NL All-Star starting pitcher!

The photo on the back looks like a mannequin.

The most interesting word on the back is clearly "odyssey" but I'll give a shout out also to "heady" and "eye-popping."


  1. The picture on the back looks like the early stages of meth abuse. Whatever's wrong with him, it's frightening.

    Maybe it was a cold day... in Florida.

  2. Same pic as his 1989 Score -

  3. It's actually not the same photo--look at his pitching arm--in the 1989 photo it's not quite as high above the yellow line. The 1989 photo is from an instant earlier in his delivery, and I'm guessing not from the same pitch.

    Also, of course, the 1989 photo is showing more area whereas the 1988 photo is cropped closer.

    Before I starting card blogging, I never realized the extent to which card companies used photos from earlier years.