Wednesday, March 4, 2009

#83T Steve Ellsworth

The last 4 cards have been 2 well known Cubs (Grace & Berryhill) and two unknown Red Sox pitchers named Steve (Curry and Ellsworth.) This Steve got himself into 8 games with the Red Sox in 1988, had a 6.75 ERA, and was never heard from again. Note that Ellsworth was close to his 28th birthday in these photos--pretty old for a rookie. This photo was taken in Fenway Park, so it must have been one of these four games.

The most interesting text on the back is "Business Administration." Also interesting is the implication by Score that getting his college degree was better than playing minor league baseball. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree, just that it's sort of odd that Score would choose to make a value judgement on that.

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  1. I drank the Kool Aid with this guy!
    Late bloomer, going to come in and give the Sox a needed arm


    See also John Leister, Rob Woodward and Jeff Sellers