Wednesday, February 4, 2009

#15T Bob Welch


Check out those sneakers Welch is wearing. I don't know what that style is called, but it's certainly dated to that era, with that extraneous flap of material coming out. I don't think that's just the tongue, pulled out.

More great copy on the back of this card, including mention of Welch's K of Reggie Jackson in the World Series.


I was shocked that Welch could rank as high as 6th in IP and G for the Dodgers, until I checked and realized my interpretation of the fact was wrong. He was 6th for LOS ANGELES only, not for the Dodgers franchise as a whole.

You can see the Dodgers all-time leaders here, and note that the leaders for G and IP all pitched pretty much before (or at the same time) Welch was with the team.


Welch will be long-remembered for two things: that strikeout of Reggie Jackson, and winning 27 games in 1990. He also played in 4 World Series, winning just once. He missed out on the 1989 World Series due to injury when his team won it all.


  1. i can't express how fantastic that strikeout of reggie was. but it was fantastic.

  2. I'm glad the card has a closeup of Bob on the back. I'm sure I'll date myself, but everytime I flip through my cards and come to Bob, it's "Bob Welch, Ebony Eyes"

    Yes, that flap over the shoelaces on the shoe was a style of the day. The idea was to keep the shoelaces from being exposed and, I don't know, getting tangled up, getting caught on something and coming loose or just to keep them cleaner (that would be my wife's choice).

  3. The Dodgers may have dealt away a 27-game winner, but Griffin, Orosco and Howell got L.A. a World Series title. Does that not make sense or what?

  4. It would be an interesting debate over which team got the better end of that trade. There is no doubt that Welch did not pitch as well as his win total would suggest, but he did eat innings and was one of the key components in allowing Larussa to structure his bullpen as he did and develop Eckersley as the first truly modern closer.

  5. Look at how close the "P" is to the "W" in "Welch" on the front of the card. I thought it was actually touching until I clicked for a bigger view. That stuff drives me up the wall.