Friday, February 6, 2009

#22T Pat Tabler


Nice shot of Tabler here. An action shot with visible jersey number is O.K. in my book. Plus there's the bonus mullet on the back.


Indeed Tabler drove in a lot of runs. Check out this list of most RBI by guys since 1980 with fewer than 50 career HR. He's way up on that list, but notice how many fewer games and PAs he had than most other folks on there.


Tabler was known as Mr. Bases Loaded for good reason. In 109 career PAs with the bases loaded, he had 108 RBI despite homering only twice. He batted .489 with 43 hits in 88 ABs.

I picked two guys at random for comparison:

Reggie Jackson, 235 PAs, 187 RBI, .296 BA (60-for-203), 11 grand slams

Don Mattingly, 163 PAs, 127 RBI, .292 BA (38-for-130), 6 grand slams

Unfortunately for Tabler, his performance with the bases loaded is pretty much all you can say about the guy's career.


  1. That is a fantastic shot. Usually swing photos that close come with the photographer facing the hitter, not from behind.

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  3. Pat Tabler is now a broadcaster for
    Blue Jays games for TSN, which is basically Canada's version of ESPN. (Or ESPN is America's version of TSN. I don't want Canadian readers to get mad at me).