Monday, February 2, 2009

Best baseball card blog posts

I'd like to put together a list of the best baseball card blog posts out there. Note that I mean individual posts, not entire blogs. I'm looking for posts that are interesting, funny, insightful, creative, or otherwise worth checking out.

Here are a couple of examples:

Cardboard appreciation: 1975 Topps Herb Washington by Night Owl on Night Owl Cards

I love this post because it captures a rare, perhaps unique, label on a particular card, tells an interesting story, and displays a nice looking card.

The Fire Inside by Uglee Card on The Ugly Baseball Card Blog

Take a look at the card, then read the entire post, then look at the card again. The post is both hilarious and insightful, and shows a pretty neat card too. I love this blog and this post especially.

#89 Gary Thurman by Andy on 88 Topps Cards

This post on my own blog took on a life of its own after a throwaway joke I made about Thurman resembling Arsenio Hall. Read all the comments--it gets crazier and crazier as you go.

Photos that Kevin's aunt took of the Orioles in 1979

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