Thursday, February 26, 2009

#70T Brady Anderson

The copy on the back of the card nicely sums up the trade that sent Anderson to the Orioles, one of a few prospects the Red Sox traded during this period that went on to have notably major league careers (the others being Curt Schilling, actually traded with Anderson in this deal, and Jeff Bagwell, traded away for another Andersen--this one with an 'e' and a first name of Larry.)

Most interesting word on the back? "Steroids."

Ha! Just kidding! Made you look!

Most unusual word? I guess "seasoning," although that's not such a rare word.


  1. I find it interesting that the Orioles gave Brady #16 shortly after releasing Scott McGregor, who used to wear it. It seems like a cold-blooded thing to do to a guy who was with the team for over a decade and helped you win a World Series. Brady switched to #9 in 1989, and wore it in Baltimore through 2001.

  2. Wow I like this card a lot because I never saw Anderson in the old cartoon Oriole unis. Topps airbrushed his '89 card.

  3. That's interesting, because I remember watching an O's game (we got their cable channel when I was in law school at Duke in the late 80's) and the announcers were talking about how McGregor was "a true Oriole." Mind you McGregor was a good pitcher over a long period of time, but with the pitching the Orioles had over the 60's, 70's and 80's, I never really put McGregor into that upper echelon.

    Brady, I never much cared for him.

  4. His batting helmet looks huge.

  5. Ben, are you suggesting that there's a reason why his batting helmet may not look huge in later photographs?

  6. I like how in his photo on the back, the black on his cap blends right into his black hair.