Sunday, February 1, 2009

#8T Tom Herr


Here's our second card in a row showing a different number on the back from the number visible on the front. Oops. And although the copy on these cards beats the crap out of the copy on Topps cards of the same era, I think they should have started it differently. The first three words seem to suggest that Herr is a patient (in a mental institution perhaps?)


Herr hit remarkably similarly from each side of the plate. He hit .270 as a lefty and .272 as a righty, and had a .703 OPS as a lefty and a .685 OPS as a righty.


Herr's not remembered all that well, unfortunately. He was a good offensive second baseman with the Cardinals in the 80s but didn't hit well in their 3 World Series appearances. After he left St. Louis, he was a disappointment in each of his stops thereafter.

I do recall that Herr specialized in imitating other players' batting stances. I remember during a Phillies broadcast, they showed a replay of Herr imitating Babe Ruth homering and running the bases (taken before the game.)


  1. Any card with the word alacrity on the back is a keeper in my book.

  2. "Alacrity"? Wow. I now look at '88 Score in a new light.

  3. The copy on the backs of these cards is great, although I do need to point out a grammatical error here: he had FEWER than 10 homers, not LESS than 10.