Saturday, February 7, 2009

#24T Rick Horton


I just love photos that capture the baseball coming right at you.

I note, too, that Score went for "Rick" here instead of "Ricky", as Topps did here and here in 1988.


Horton walked Keith Hernandez more than anybody else (and walked a lot of Mets in general.) He struck out Darryl Strawberry more than anybody else (and struck out a lot of Mets in general.) I'm sure that has to do with the fact that he pitched 103 innings against the Mets and 560 innings against 24 other teams, an average of 23.1 per team.


I guess the most interesting thing I can find about Horton's career are the players he was traded with or for. He was in a trade with Lance Johnson and Jose DeLeon, two guys who had much better careers than Horton did. And Horton was the guy the Dodgers traded for when they gave up on super-prospect Shawn Hillegas.


  1. That's a great shot of those goofy pants #s. I miss the days of the ChiSox always having ridiculous unis.

  2. I remember thinking in '87 thank god the White Sox have nice looking unis now. Then in '91 they brought the siver and black with the old school sox logo and hit pay dirt.