Wednesday, February 18, 2009

#50T Dave Parker

Here's our second straight Athletics card, and the photos were probably taken at the same game since they are both at Comiskey. I wonder if that's Carlton Fisk's glove coming in from the left.

The back of this card contains one of the most egregious errors I've ever seen. He did NOT top 30 HR or 100 RBI in 1987, and the back of the card is totally wrong in its description of his performance in 1987.

At least the part about his 6 RBIs in two July games is correct. Here is the list of all four of Parker's 6-RBI games.

Parker looks like an absolute beast on this card, just like most of his others.


  1. Not only is it the second straight Athletic, it's the second straight Athletic Dave.

    The text is odd and I was curious about the mistake when reading his base release card. The only thing I can come up with is that the copy was written before the end of the 87 season and the writer just assumed he'd make 30/100. Then when time came to print the set, they either didn't fact check it or just overlooked it.

  2. Actually it's County Stadium in MIlwaukee, not Comiskey.

  3. Not saying he should be in... but his Hall of Fame candidacy shouldn't be so marginalized

  4. I agree Sully. Parker got so little support it was surprising. I think it's because he peaked pretty early and played for a bunch of years in which that performance was not sustained. If he had the same career totals but had bigger seasons later on, he would've gotten more support I think.