Monday, February 9, 2009

#26T Dan Petry


The copy on the back of Petry's card is a great example of Score's superior efforts in this area. Read it and you feel like you actually know something about the guy's career.


From 1981 to 1985:

Petry had the 6th-most innings pitched.

Andhe had the 4th-most wins.

Among guys with 900 IP, he had the 7th-best ERA+.


Petry is one of those guys that had a 2-phase career. Up through 1985, he was one of the top starters in baseball, logging lots of innings and lots of wins. Although he benefited a little from playing on strong Tigers teams, his neutralized stats are pretty close to his actual stats. But from 1986 on, likely due mainly to injuries, he wasn't the same guy and he was finished by age 32.

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