Friday, February 27, 2009

#73T Cecil Espy

This card is an example of why I do this blog.

Take a look at the photo above. See anything particularly interesting? No?

There's something pretty damn cool on this card, and you'll want to click on the image above to see the fine detail. It's the reflection on Espy's helmet. Look carefully and you can see the foul line, the stands, as well as his own bat reflected there. You can even see clouds!

I bet you just spent 30 seconds studying a photo that you otherwise might have spent half a second glancing at.

Most unusual word on the back? "18th."


  1. There's also the fact that Cecil doesn't appear to be wearing an undershirt.

  2. I like how the back mentions he was a 3-sport star in high school but fails to note the two sports other than baseball. I'm going to guess..........swimming

  3. Oh, I totally forgot to point out all the folding chairs in the picture on the back. WTF? Was that taken at his high school?

  4. ANd unless there's a 1 hiding somewhere, his uniform number no the back of the card is wrong.