Thursday, February 26, 2009

#71T Jeff Montgomery

Here's Royals all-time saves leader Jeff Montgomery.

I did a little research, and behind him is, I think, Al Bumbry, who was the Red Sox' first base coach during 1988 (and other years.)

On the back, while "totalled" is an acceptable variant of the word "totaled", it's much less common. I'll go with that as the most unusual word, narrowly beating out "Freshman", "Computer", and "Science."


  1. The trade that brought Monty to Kansas City may be the most lopsided trade in Royals history (that benefitted the Royals). Jeff Montgomery for Van Snider. Snider played in 19 games in the Majors.

  2. The Royal front office of the early days (Cedric Tallis, John Schuerholz, et. al.) had three fleeces that helped build this team (in no particular order):

    1. Sent Joe Foy to the Mets for Amos Otis and Bob Johnson.

    2. Sent Bob Johnson, Jim Campanis and Jackie Hernandez to the Pirates for Freddie Patek, Bruce Dal Canton and Jerry May.

    3. Sent Jim York and Lance Clemons to the Astros for John Mayberry and Dave Grangaard.

    4. Sent Roger Nelson and Richie Scheinblum to the Reds for Wayne Simpson and Hal McRae.

    Those four trades gave the Royals 4 All-Stars that were key starters for them throughout most of the 70's and nobody they gave up in those 4 deals had any career of consequence after that.

    (They also picked up 2 time All-Star Cookie Rojas from the Cardinals for a guy named Fred Rico, but Cookie was only a starter for about 5 years....

    Darrell Porter and Jim Colborn were acquired and the R's only had to give up Bob McClure, Jim Wohlford and Jamie Quirk. This one just wasn't as lopsided as the others.)

  3. Photographer: OK, Jeff, make your game face.
    Jeff: Grrrrrr.
    Photographer: No, your GAME face. Pretend you're staring down a hitter in the 9th.
    Jeff: GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
    Photographer: OK, now do it without saying "Gr".
    Jeff: ...
    Photographer: Beautiful. [SNAP] Soooo...what are you doing later?