Sunday, February 8, 2009

#25T Graig Nettles


Anybody familiar with Nettles will cringe when they see this card. It's weird enough to see him in a Padres or Braves uniform, but seeing him in an Expos jersey is just ridiculous. I'm not sure why Montreal brought him there for 1988 after he showed very little in 1986 or 1987, and was 43 years old.

Nettles has some awesome rubber bat action in this photo.

I wonder why they out his position as "IF" and not just "1B, 3B" seeing as the last time he played an IF position other than those 2 was 1 game at shortstop in 1980.


That last season for Nettles is one of the more recent years where a guy appeared in at least 80 games but had no more than 93 AB. Pitchers are excluded from that search, of course.


It's really tough to understand Nettles' career. On the one hand, he seems somewhat overrated for being on some of the great Yankees teams as well as a Padres team that went to the World Series. He had only one year with 100 RBI and 2 years with 30 HR. So it's sort of easy to write him off as someone who benefited from being in the right place at the right time (sort of like Scott Brosius.) But then look at the 10 players he's most similar to in his career:
  1. Darrell Evans (905)
  2. Gary Gaetti (895)
  3. Ron Santo (860)
  4. Dale Murphy (851)
  5. Carlton Fisk (845) *
  6. Brian Downing (835)
  7. Johnny Bench (820) *
  8. Chili Davis (818)
  9. Don Baylor (818)
  10. Gary Carter (816) *
That's 3 HOFers and 2 other guys (Santo and Murphy) whom many believe belong in the HOF.


  1. I totally agree with your first thoughts. Nettles in an Expos uni is too weird.

  2. Nettles in an Expo uniform is all kinds of wrong. But as a Yankee-hater, it makes me laugh.

  3. Perhaps the Expos brought him in for his expertise in the use of superballs.

  4. I remember seeing Nettles as a pinch hitter during an Expos/Pirates game on tv in '88 and thinking huh? I didn't know he was still around.

  5. Here are Nettles' pinch-hitting appearances against the Bucs in 1988:

    Also, in 1988, Nettles had only 44 PAs as a starter, and had 60 as a PH:

  6. don't forget - he "got to" the boss in the bottom of the ninth. oh, those glory days...