Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#67T Ray Hayward

Starting with this card, the rest of the set is all rookie cards. (I guess the previous card, Jeff Bittiger, was also a rookie card.) You'll notice that from here on out, just about all the players have very few stat lines and therefore tons of text.

For the rest of this set, one thing I'm going to do for each post is pick the strangest, most interesting and/or most unusual word on the back of the card. In Hayward's case, it's most definitely "finance."

The front of this card features an awesome photo, with ball in mid-flight.


  1. You don't see "Furthermore" very often on cards either.

  2. I think the text on these cards is the highlight of the whole set. They certainly had to write enough to fill out the backs of some these. So they had to come up with some words that you never see just to fill the thing.