Wednesday, February 11, 2009

#32T Rick Dempsey

Again, the back of the card says Dempsey is #24, but the front of the card tells us that's bullshit.

I just noticed that Dempsey did not have an 88 Topps Card or 88 Topps Traded card. I wonder why. He played in 60 games in 1987 and was a long-time veteran. That was an odd decision.

So here's a stat for you: for catchers with at least 5000 career PAs, Dempsey had the 2nd-fewest RBI. Can you guess who was first? Probably not.

Third catcher card in a row!


  1. One of the unlikeliest World Series MVPs ever.

  2. Mike Scioscia's first? That's surprising. He was a much better hitter than Dempsey.

  3. It seems like Scioscia hit 2nd a lot, which cut down on his RBI chances.