Wednesday, February 11, 2009

#33T Ron Hassey

So this is the fourth catcher card in a row. I think I'm sensing a trend. Only, peeking ahead, it doesn't hold up after this card.

Hassey has just about the longest face in baseball. Check out that photo on the back!

There is an error on the back of the card. Who can be first to spot it?

John from Johngy's Beat has this story about Hassey:
"The Cubs traded for Rick Sutcliffe, George Frazier and Ron Hassey on June 13, 1984. I am not sure when the trade was announced, but I was at the game on June 14 and a lot of people still did not know the trade happened.

We were sitting along the 3rd base line (Cubs dugout side) well before game time. My friend looked over and saw Ron Hassey come out of the dugout. We all yelled his name. I don't think he even had a jersey with a name on it (more like a windbreaker). Everyone around us looked at us like we were crazy (some had never even heard of Hassey, let alone know he was now a Cub).
Hassey looked over with a big smile and gave us an enthusiastic wave.
Later he came into the game and went 0-2. The people around us asked if we knew him. We said we didn't...we just knew baseball enough to recognize him."


  1. Not sure if this was the error you had in mind, but technically, if he signed in '76 and was up to stay in '79, he didn't spend four seasons in the minors. Maybe that's why they didn't say four FULL seasons.

  2. The best I can find is that according to BR Bullpen the knee injury hurt him in 1984 instead of 1986.

  3. Hmmm, his 1981 batting average looks a little funky.

  4. The stolen bases don't add up either.