Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#29T Dickie Thon


For the second card in a row, we see a player about to NOT get a base hit. Looks to me like that ball is going to be popped up and backwards. Pretty cool photo, though.

Weird thing about the card back is that it mentions what Thon did in 1988. I guess I don't totally understand why both this set and the 1988 Topps Traded don't have 1988 season statistics on them. I suppose the issue is that they came out sometime before the season was over, mainly to reflect off-season movement in 1987 or new rookies in 1988.


Tuna had 9 total bases 3 different times in his career, all team victories.


Thon's career is pretty well-known, and if you don't know, just read the back of the card below. He had a very good year with the Phillies in 1989 and then petered out for good after that.

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